Samantha is a Registered Dental Hygienist at Shore Children’s Dental Care. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite thing to do is go to the beach to see the sunrise or sunset. She also loves to travel, adores working with children due to their high energy levels and the fact that they bring her personality out even more.

Where did you grow up? I grew up by the shore in Brick, New Jersey.

What was your dream job as a child? I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. I admired my teacher Miss Hynes’ loving and energetic personality. She always made class fun and creative and I wanted to grow up to be just like her!

Why did you choose to work in pediatrics? I chose to work in pediatrics due to children’s high energy levels. I enjoy teaching them the importance of oral health care at a young age. It puts a smile on my face when they ask questions, because I know they care. Having an anxious child leave with a huge smile is one of the most rewarding feelings.

Do you have any hidden talents? I love to dance. I started dance classes when I was just two years old. It’s a great way to express how you feel through movement. My favorite type of dance is tap!

You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why? I would be jade green. I love how green resembles nature. I love being outdoors and exploring new places. I also wear this color often!

Can you play any instruments? I used to play the flute and clarinet in elementary school.

What is your favorite cereal? My favorite cereal is peanut butter crunch.

What is your superhero persona? Supergirl!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Shore Children’s Dental and why would you recommend the practice to parents looking for the best in care for their children? I am so grateful to work in such an amazing dental office! The staff goes above and beyond for our patients with the quality of care we offer. We all work as a team in order to have a successful day, and we strive to make each experience as pleasant as possible. I recommend coming to SCDC because our staff is very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. We are up to date with the latest technology. We look forward to coming to work and putting smiles on each of our patient’s faces!

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