Alicia E. Avatar

5 star rating   Alicia E. We are in Manasquan on vacation. My daughter forgot her rubber bands at home. A week without bands would extend her treatment by weeks or months. I called the office this morning to explain my situation. Daria was so helpful and kind. Dr. Rabinovich gave her two packs of bands. Thanks so much Shore Ortho!

Alicia E. 3/20/2024
Rivky R. Avatar

5 star rating   Rivky R. Dr. Jason is the warmest, kindest and most patient dentist! Amazing with little kids! Calm and great at what he does!!

Rivky R. 3/20/2024
Shana Z. Avatar

5 star rating   Shana Z. This practice is very child friendly and will do whatever it takes to create a safe happy environment. My three year old walked in crying and in a few minutes they had her smiling with her mouth wide open. I am very impressed and highly recommend this practice! Thank you!!

Shana Z. 3/20/2024
Sarah P. Avatar

5 star rating   Sarah P. I took my kids here to have fillings and my son had two extractions. My daughter was nervous the procedure would hurt and was crying before. They were SO good with making my kids comfortable and explaining everything being used that it completely eased away their fear. My daughter didn't shed a single tear during the procedure and the staff helped to make it a pleasant experience for them. Definitely recommend!

Sarah P. 3/20/2024


We ended up getting an appt at Shore children’s Dental and LOVED them!!! They were amazing from start to finish. We walked out and wil goes “so is this our dentist now” and I said yup and she jumped for joy! It’s a much bigger and more open office set up but she did great even with another screaming kid in the background 😵‍💫

Thank you Colleen – you were a lifesaver 💜 Can’t recommend this dentist enough!!!!