LEADERS OF NJAPD: April 2019 edition
Each month we feature a member of our organization who has helped improve our profession and community through their career. This month, we feature Dr. Irv Sherman, an accomplished pediatric dentist who practices in Avon by the Sea and Manasquan. Dr Sherman first practiced in East Brunswick and subsequently owned practices in New Brunswick and Jersey City.
1. Greatest influences as a dentist? The person(s) that influenced me most as a dentist was Dr. Clifford Sturdevant, Head of the Department of Restorative Dentistry at The University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. His ability to impart his “quality of care” message has stayed with me for all aspects of dentistry and treating patients. Also, Dr. Ted Oldenburg, the Head of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at UNC for many years was also a great mentor and was one main reason I chose pediatric dentistry as my profession.
2. Favorite thing about being in the NJAPD: The favorite thing about being a member of the NJAPD is the personal satisfaction I get when, as a group, we can have a positive and perhaps influential effect for pediatric dentistry in New Jersey. Also, getting to see my colleagues and commiserate about pediatric dentistry, our practices and our lives. And also, not to forget, having a world class meal [at dinner meetings] !
3. Proudest moment as a pediatric dentist? My proudest moment as a pediatric dentist is not just one moment, but all the times I treat children. The only reason I became a pediatric dentist is because I sincerely love to work and interact with children. As we all know, your days are never the same when working with children, some more challenging than others, but I would not be still doing clinical pediatric dentistry if I didn’t feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
4. Leadership positions past and present include: Over the years I have been President of the New Jersey Society of Dentistry for Children and Vice-President of the NJAPD. I was Chief of Pediatric Dentistry at The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick for over 30 years. I am now also Chief of Pediatric Dentistry in the Dental Department at The Jersey Shore University Medical Center. I was also the first Public Policy Advocate representing New Jersey for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. I had academic teaching positions at Rutgers Medical School, The University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry and Middlesex County College Hygiene Department.
5. Favorite Hobbies: My favorite hobby almost all of my life has been my love for cars in many respects. Racing both on an amateur and professional level for over 25 years. The places I traveled to and having made wonderful long-time friends. Over the last 15 years I have restored older cars, both for show and personal enjoyment. I also am an avid sports enthusiast, and enjoy golf and reading.
6. Advice to new dentists: The best advice I can give new pediatric dentists is to let your heart determine ethical and quality care. We all are basically trained to know what is proper textbook (or video/online more recently) techniques and care. However, when we move from dental school/residency programs to clinical practice you make decisions as to how you are going to practice. Do the right things.
7. Anything else you’d like to say to our members? As many of you know, I usually have something to add at our meetings. My comment today is that we should all give back and contribute to our pediatric dental profession, whether it be involvement in the AAPD, NJAPD or some other related organization. Pediatric dentistry has given and will give to those of you just starting out, a rewarding and financial stable future. With that in mind, think about giving back to your chosen profession.

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