Did your kids bring home too much candy from trick-or-treating than you want them to eat? Do they only eat a few of their favorite pieces and leave the rest to go stale? Whatever the reason for the excess candy stash at your house, we’re giving you a way to trade it for something that doesn’t cause tooth decay!

Don’t Let Candy Turn Into Cavities!
The health of your children’s teeth is always one of our top priorities, and that’s even truer around Halloween. This is why we’re hosting an event to help your family get something out of all that candy—besides sugar-highs, toothaches, and upset stomachs.

The event in question is our Candy Buy Back, where we give your children a chance to swap out their extra candy for cash and prizes!

When Is Our Candy Buy Back?
Bring your unopened candy to the Avon office (514 Garfield Avenue) on Thursday, November 2nd from 3-5pm.

How Does Our Buy Back Work?
Candy will be weighed and children will receive $1 per pound as well as 1 raffle ticket per pound to place into containers to win prizes from local businesses!

We Hope You’ll Bring Your Friends Too!
Our Buy Back is not exclusive to our patients! If you have any friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers you think might be looking to get rid of extra Halloween candy too, invite them to attend and join in all the fun!

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